• Teacher : ‘Charan, I have your English exercise book here. It is my duty to inform you that b-r-i-x does not spell “bricks”.’

    Charan : ‘Oh? What does it spell then, Sir’?

  •  Sister : ‘Try some of my sponge-cake’.

    Brother (Nibbling on a piece) ‘It’s a bit tough, isn’t it?’

    Sister : ‘Yes, I can’t understand it, I bought the sponge fresh from the chemist this morning!’


  • ‘Who spilt that ink on the floor? Come on, own up…… Was it you, Ronnie?’

    ‘I cannot tell a lie, sir. Yes, I done it’.

    ‘Where’s your grammar?’

    ‘In bed with flu’.

  • ‘How are you getting on with your football, Peter?’

    ‘Well, Dad, pretty good.

    The sports master said I was one of the team’s greatest drawback

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