Whenever we fall ill, we go to a doctor who examines us, diagnoses the ailment and prescribes a medicine. We take the prescribed treatment and, in due course, recover. Thus prompt medical attention and appropriate medication restores the sick man to former health and strength. Why then is it said that laughter is the best medicine?

Medical experts say that many of our diseases are mental. Physical sufferings or ailments are often the symptoms of some inner mental disorder. So, if we change our attitude to life in general and to diseases, in particular; laugh a little, be hopeful and cheerful, have optimism and faith, we shall surely be able to laugh away many of our physical ailments.

It is a scientifically established fact that laughter, in the sense of a cheerful and hopeful dispostition, improves digestion, regularizes hormone secretion in the body, and thus equips and arms us with the power to resist a disease. It is the opinion of doctors that laughter chases the toxins out of the body-system and makes one feel greatly refreshed, physically and mentally. Depression and anger result in a release of adrenalin into the stomach and this can lead to future disorders.

The proverb, however, is not limited to a  physiological sense. What it implies is that a joviality of temperament and an optimistic attitude to life are necessary for living. A healthy state of mind and a cheerful attitude helps to solve many problems and enables one to take on life’s innumerable depressions and, perhaps, tackle and overcome them successfully.

A pessimistic attitude towards life creates problems. Life seems bleak and devoid of charm. A cheerful attitude towards life gives one the strength to face adversity. Everyone admires a cheerful person. A bright, exuberant bearing can win one a job or a higher place in the rung of progress. As John Masefield has said:

“Laugh and be merry,

Remember, better the world with a song.”

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