Some time back, I had a real adventure, the first of its kind and quite humorous, too. My parents had gone to look after my ailing grandmother. I would eat at a neighbor’s house, go to school and return home to do my homework and watch TV. I had to sleep alone at night. No, I wasn’t afraid. We had good neighbors around, and our house is safe and secure.

One night I awakened suddenly. To my utter amazement, I found that the overhead electric light was on. I clearly remembered having switched it off before going to bed. I turned my eyes to the all where the switchboard was and saw that the light switch was on. Who had done this? I began wondering whether I had left the switch on and gone off to sleep. This seemed to be the only plausible explanation. I got up, turned the switch off and went to sleep again.

The next night I was at pins to put the switch off before snuggling into bed. And lo, the same thing happened again. When I woke up an hour or two after turning in I found the electric light on. The switch was on again. I was puzzled. E even started feeling  little scared. There seemed to be no rational explanation for this occurrence. Could some supernatural spirit be trying to play tricks with me? I had an unreasonable urge to run out to my neighbor’s house and pour out my fears. But something stopped me. Perhaps the thought that no one would believe me. I would only be the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood.

The next day I could not keep the thought of the switched-on electric light out of my head. But I didn’t tell anyone about this mystery.  I was determined to find out the explanation myself.

That night I lay awake, refusing to let my eyes close. There was a small hole in the ceiling. Around midnight a tiny mouse crept out of it. It moved along the ceiling and scrambled down the wall where the switchboard was. As it scurried downwards its paw hit the switch. Of course the switch was on this time and nothing happened. It then landed on the floor and hurried into the kitchen.

I laughed out aloud. So this was the ghost of my imagination! I had the hole plugged with cement the next day and the occurrences stopped. The recollection of this funny incident still fills me with shame at my unreasonable fear. But then I laugh at myself.

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