A special feature of Greek religions

A special feature of Greek religions

A special feature of Greek religions was the habit of consulting the Gods, especially Zeus, about the future. At certain special place it was thought to be possible to obtain prophecies from the Gods through their human mouthpieces. The most famous of these ‘oracles’, as such places were called, was that of Apollo at Delphi. Here the God was supposed to answer questions through the mouth of his priestess when she went into a holy frenzy. The oracle of Delphi was famous throughout the ancient world. Croesus, king of Lydia, consulted it when the Persians were threatening him. He was told that if he crossed Halys, he would destroy a great kingdom. Taking this to be an encouragement, he attacked the Persians and did destroy a great kingdom- but it was his own. For the oracle often gave reply that  might  be taken more than one way . 

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