The aeroplane is a flying machine

The aeroplane is a flying machine

Ages ago men tried to fly through the air in imitation of birds. Before the aeroplane, two other things were invented to fly in the air. The first was simple balloon and the second was the zeppelin. Both the balloon and the zeppelin are airships. These are lighter than air. But the aeroplane is heavier than air. The aeroplane in its present shape was invented by Wright Brothers of the United States of America, early in the twentieth century.

Aeroplanes are of different kinds. Some are called ‘monoplanes’ and some ‘biplanes’. Monoplanes have only one pair or wings’ and biplanes have two. Another class is called the ‘seaplane’. It can fly in the air and sail over the sea as well. There are several other types of planes, namely, ‘Helicopters’, ‘Jet Engine Planes’ and Jet-prop Planes’. The aeroplane is useful to us in many ways. It is a great triumph of science. It shows that man can make wonders by dint of keen intelligence. It has brought the distant countries of the world nearer to one another. The aeroplane has practically destroyed time and space. It has made communication very quick.

The aeroplane is not, however, always a blessing. During the war aeroplanes were largely used for bombarding enemy cities and towns. A journey by an aeroplane is costly and not always safe. Yet aeroplanes are becoming popular. The day will soon come when they will become the principal means of transport for people.

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