African folklore: How did humans get knowledge?

African folklore: How did humans get knowledge?

It’s a very old matter. A person named Anansi lived in an area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrica. He was the most intelligent man in the whole world. And all the people used to seek advice and help from him.

One day Nansi got angry with other people about something and he thought of punishing them. After thinking a lot, he decided that he would conceal all his knowledge forever with him so that no other person could become knowledgeable. From that day onwards, he started collecting all his knowledge. When he thought that he had acquired all the knowledge available in the world, he closed all the knowledge in a pot of clay and sealed it well. He decided that he would keep that spot from where no other human could achieve it.

Ananese had a son named Kaveku. Kaweko gradually started to experience the experience that his father was involved in some suspicious work, so he started keeping an eye on the nanny. One day, he saw his father go out of the hut with a stomach. Kaveku followed the unani. Ananese went to a forest very far away from the village and found a very tall tree to protect the pot. With the fear of being disturbed by his knowledge, he wanted to keep the fearless mate in front of his eyes, so he started climbing the mat on his chest and climbing the tree. In this way it was almost impossible to hang on your chest and hang on the tree! He tried to climb the tree several times, but he did not get too much. Due to the fact that he was unable to catch the tree due to his mats in front.

For a while, Kweku watched his father unnecessarily trying to climb the tree. When he did not stay, he shouted, “Father, why do not you spit on your back? Then you will easily climb on the tree! “

Una turned twisted and said – “I thought that I have locked up all the knowledge of the world in this mat! But you are more knowledgeable than me! My whole intelligence was not able to explain to me what you were sitting away from! “He got very angry at Kaviku and in the rage he hit the ground on the ground. After falling on the ground the Mat broke and all the knowledge closed in it spread out through the whole world. And all the people became wise.


Humans get knowledge

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Humans get knowledge

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Humans get knowledge

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