I believe Charles S. Chaplin or more popularly Charlie Chaplin, to be a genius in the art of acting. It was in two special films The Gold Rush and The Modern Times that his performance impressed my mind permanently. What is more important is the fact that both of these films are silent. They do not have the advantages of dialogue and other sound effects that help other renowned actor so greatly. In the Gold Rush Chaplin laugh at the effect of man’s greed. This he does against the background of the period when gold was first discovered in California. People from all over the western world rushed to California in search of gold. In the Modern Times Chaplin exposes the suffering of the working class people in a highly industrial society. Without any speech or sound effect Chaplin has created at the same time an unforgettably funny and sad world in the film. The greatness of Chaplin’s genius is also evident in the fact that he also produced, directed and provided the music for the films in which he acted. In his later sound films like Limelight,Monsieur Verdoux and The Lady from Hongkong Chaplin also composed the music. He by himself was an entire film-production unit. He possessed simultaneously a wonderful sense of comedy as well as tragedy. He knew that laughter and tears are the two sides of the same coin. To me The Great Dictator is the best film.

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