An infinite vigil on this cold night(POEM)

An infinite vigil on this cold night(POEM)

An infinite vigil on this cold night,download (4)father, your eyes are tired and reveal
a reminiscent lifetime now gone by.
Inside me, memories come and go
then, without consent,
melancholic images of life preserved,
and others only imagined,
amass and, like sharp edges,
torment, and wound.
Slowly you move, squeezing my hand,
your eyes steal words from time…
memories add up to memories, like bricks
raising a wall
where I enclose you,
where a man is only his own memory.

Go to sleep and do not think, I stay here with you and wait,
hoping to feel time dissolve the pain,
like the wave of the sea that melts sandstone.
We are what we guard in our mind,
we are laughter, tears, flavours of good things,
we are the stories you’ve told me,
I will be those, I will know how to tell,
perhaps we are only dreams that mix with reality,
moments and memories that in life stop
to then in a heartbeat from eyes spill out,
shaping the pain that slowly descends
to be touched, dried, by hands, to become real.

While outside the window time grows dark
and seems perfect to be silent,
to see that even the sky cries
to make us understand that life exists
in all of this, and the last sun rises,
perhaps… there is still hope
or… perhaps the last night has arrived, time to go,
yet, every word is in vain and you are ready to fly.

Thank you father, for all the time we have lived,
for all the love you have given,
for all that We are in memory,
for when we will all be together again
for that which remains and that no one and nothing will be able to take away.

By Uknown Poet

~ ~ ~

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