Anitech Tune

Anitech Tune

Anitech  is a technology based blog. So all the tune must be of science and technology. Creative, informative, science, technology and standard tune Anitech  tune.

The original language of all tunes published in the Anitech tune must be in Bengali. And tune should have at least 50/60 percent Bengali language. There may be only a few English languages. But no other language translated into English can be tuned. It cannot be tuned by writing Bangla with English font or distorting the non-English language. Avoid using unnecessary Bangla synonyms of technical terms while tuning. If there is a widely used terminology, try using it. Various types of software cracks, serials, keygen etc. cannot be directly published or uploaded, but links can be uploaded anywhere else. If anyone uploads any cracks, serials and other links, the antenatal tune will not be responsible. But the antenatal tune will always discourage these babies.Hacking, cracking, phishing, cyber crime etc. are also subject to tune. But keep in mind that it does not harm any website or anybody or harm anyone.Publication of news, news, information or other articles from various news magazines, media, community blogs, Wikinews, or tune tunes, or adjudication, is considered to be the chief of the decision. You cannot link your blog or any other blog to read the rest of the tune. If you need to tune in full, then you can tune the author and the formula for writing. Your blog or any other blog address cannot be given for tune download.
It may not be written by any other blog, or any other blogger or other person’s writing or any other source may not be exact or partially copied or tune in to the name. Anyone can copy the exact copy of any tune and paste it. But before that the writer should get permission or mention the link that was previously published. However, the link to the previously published tune must be specified.



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