Apartheid is a term associated with the policy of racial segregation in South  Africa. It is the official of the government of South Africa to maintain racial discrimination between white people and black people. But racial discrimination is as old as civilization. In India Aryans kept themselves away from non-Aryans. In ancient time Romans used to treat the conquered tribes as slaves. But now racial discrimination  has come to mean discrimination between people of white skin and those of black skin. The white people of Europe have always looked down upon black people whom they consider as inferior. The white people felt that the domination of the world rested with them. The Europeans when they established colonies all over the world felt that they were superior and they kept themselves away from the conquered races. E. M Forster in his great novel ‘passage to India’ has shown how the Europeans and Indians could not meet on the same level in British India. Mr. Braithwaite  in his brilliant essay Job Hunting has given agonizing account of how he was discriminated against for his black skin. He was a negro and was brought up on the British ideal. Still he was not a given a position above the English men. His black skin was a hindrance to his employment in a position of authority in a British firm.

However, although racial discrimination exists in some mild form in  European countries, it no longer prevails officially anywhere except in South Africa. However, apartheid is going out even in South Africa. Years of struggle of the black people led by Nelson Mandela have at last ended in the creation of a new independent South Africa where colored communities have been given political rights. There is now one undivided South Africa and new flag has flown and new national anthem sung on 27th April, 1994. A new government, a new president is installed. Nelson Mandela has been elected as the new [President. South Africa will be in the mainstream of international politics and culture and games. Long period of South Africa’s struggle against color and isolation has gloriously ended. There are still voices of opposition to this glorious  event in human history, but the voices drowned in the universal  chorus of celebrations for the victory of freedom and equality and fraternity./ The white Afrikkaner regime, mostly of Dutch origin kept the locals away from all social and official work. The black locals are deprived of human rights. Racial discrimination is practiced in railways, cinema shows, buses, restaurants and everywhere. The Government have opened separate zones for whites and colored people. The colored students are not allowed to read in the educations meant for whites. A social gathering between white people and black people is prohibited. This racial discrimination existed in South Africa since the beginning of  the country. Gandhiji had launched his famous Satygraha movement against ill treatment of Indians in South Africa. Rhodesia also defended the policy of racial segregation. The governments point out that racial segregation is essential for the preservation of their cultural and society.

The policy of racial segregation in inhuman and is opposite to the principles of equality and brotherhood. God created men alike and there can be no difference whites and non-whites. The policy is against all democratic and Christian norms which the white people profess. International pressure has been mounted by passing resolutions at the U.N.O Economic blockades have been enforced and many seaports and airports refuse to handle their products. South Africa was thrown out of Commonwealth in 1961. Rhodesia had granted freedom to the people after much bloodshed, and a new independent country Zimbabwe has been established. In many countries, racial discrimination may not be the declared policy of the governments but it is apparent all  the white countries in their discrimination against colored people. In England, its presence can be felt. The Afro-Asian countries should unite and become more powerful economically and politically to counter the arrogant feelings of the whites for the non-whites. They should try to be economically and culturally self-sufficient to challenge the supremacy of the whites.

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