Apple sider vinegar in beauty (Roopchurcha)

Apple sider vinegar in beauty (Roopchurcha)

And Apple sider vinegar beauty Roopchurcha

Apple sider vinegar also benefits the health of the skin as well as skin and hair

Apple’s vinegar can contribute to beauty (Roopchurcha)


This fluid is used to keep the skin’s balance in the skin. Mix two tablespoons of water with a spoonful vinegar to make a toner. Any problem with the skin can be eliminated even by the stench. The skin is sensitive. Check it first and mix more water if needed, so it will not burn skin.

To clean the lamps

Shampoo has many different chemical elements that take away the brightness of the hair. Apple cleaner can make hair cleanser with vinegar to clean the head skin. After mixing two cups of apple vinegar vinegar and shampoo in one cup of water, wash it with it. After a few minutes wait, wash it.

To eliminate sunburn

It contains natural astringent. If there is any discomfort on the skin such as itching or irritation, then it is a very good solution. To reduce the discomfort caused by sun burns and razors, mix equal amount of vinegar and cold water and massage the affected areas. Good results will come.

To remove the smell of the foot

There is no need for extra aromatic to remove stomach, it can be made at home. Dip the feet of 10 to 15 minutes in the water of Apple Sider vinegar. Its acid content helps to remove stomach.

To clean the brush

Bacteria that may have a brush in the makeup brush, which is likely to cause skin damage. Clean the brush with a tablespoon of vinegar mixed in a cup of hot water. It will remove brush bacteria.

Apple sider vinegar beauty Roopchurcha

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Apple sider vinegar beauty Roopchurcha

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Apple sider vinegar beauty Roopchurcha

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Apple sider vinegar beauty Roopchurcha

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