Apple takes a new bite

Apple takes a new bite

For years, the Apple TV has lived in the shadow of its more illustrious siblings, the iphone and the iPad, and has been a hobby projects at best for Apple. Until now. With the fourth generation avatar, Apple has finally done justice to its set-top box, adding in compe­tent hardware and software to make Apple TV a viable entertainment and gaming platform for your living room. Apple claims “The future of TV is here”. Is it?Straight out of the box, the small, glossy black box looks like a lot of media streaming boxes out there, and getting it hooked up with your TV is simply a matter of plugging in the power and connecting it to your TV with your own HDMI cable (one’s not included). A quick set-up via your iPhone or the included remote, and you’re ready to go. The remote is all new too, adding in a touch­pad ·at the top that acts as one big button and makes navigating and swiping around the new TV OS platform a breeze -for the most part. Typing text via the remote is still rather tedious.

Now, if you’re familiar with iOS devices,there’s the usual selection of iTunes media and Apple Music, but the big leap forward is the apps. Apple has a strong iOS devel­oper community, and the number of apps – right from weather to fitness to educational apps – are growing by the day. Games, in particular, are likely to be a big draw, as more de­velopers port their iOS games onto tvOS. The remote has a built-in  meter and gyroscope, which allows you to use the remote like a Nintendo Wii-like controller, swing­ing the remote around to control a weapon or drive a race car. For more casual games, you can swipe and click on the touch-pad too. For folks not look­ing to .put down serious cash for a Play­Station 4or an Xbox One, the apps-and games on the Apple TV are great fun.You’ll likely buy the Apple TV if you’re deeply embedded into the Apple ecosystem, or if you find a couple of compelling apps that will transform how you use your TY. Now here’s the thing- to get the most out of your Apple TV, whether it is stuff like Netflix, a significantly wider app catalog or even the Siri voice assistant functionality, you need to set up your Apple TV with a US iTunes Store account. If that sounds like too much hassle, ensure that you play around with the Apple TV at a store and figure out if there’s it right away to warrant the expenditure.

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