1. TAKING DIFFICULT COURSES: Yoga has various levels. It is very shocking when beginners start their practice or join the advance level courses as beginners. There’s huge risk of hurting yourself. I t is like diving into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. Look for a basic class or invest in a beginner’s yoga DVD.

  2. WEARING WRONG CLOTHES: A lot of people try to hide the extra pounds by wearing loose and baggy clothes while practicing yoga. Instead, wear form-fitting clothes, that lets you breathe and doesn’t make you uncomfortable while trying out different asanas.

  3. BEING INSECURE: Forget about who’s judging you in the class. Everyone’s there for a purpose. Yoga isn’t one-size fits all exercise form. Everybody is different and asanas can be modified to work specifically for you. Yoga isn’t about being super flexible or performing crazy stunts: it’s about connecting your mind with your body through breathing. You become flexible over a period no time while practicing not in a week.

  4. DON’T GO WITH A FULL STOMACH : When you are full, your blood supply is funnelled through your stomach to process the nutrients from your food. It leaves your muscles shortchanged on the energy they need for a successful practice. Grab a fruit and a toast if you’re hungry. Nothing more.

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