Bird Migration

 Bird Migration

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Bird Migration is the periodic movement of birds between their breeding and non-  breeding areas or / and any regular movement of birds that form part of their life – cycle. The term ‘migration’ generally refers to the periodical movements of birds, i.e. , across  the  borders. Movement within the borders is described as Local Migration and seasonally up and down mountains as Altitudinal Migration. Of the 2100 species and subspecies of birds in the Indian subcontinent about 300 are migrants from lands beyond the Himalayas – Central and northern Asia, and northeastern Europe. These species that breed on our northeastern and northwestern borders behave like true migrants. They keep the same time – schedule for arrival and departure. Besides, some of the local migrants may move a few kilometers and other move altitudinally from the snow line in summer down to the foothills . ) the major groups of Indian migrants are : ducks and geese, waders or shore birds, swallows,  flycatchers, warblers, thrushes and chats, wagtails and pipits , finches and buntings.

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