The modern system of livelihood is solely related to science. Men are totally dependent on science. Science has paved a new path of advancement in men’s life in every nook and corner of his living. Everything seems to be at the tip of his finger. Whatever he want he can do, sitting in his own chair. Luxury has reached its acme by the new inventions made y men with the aid of science. Most of us judge science by what it has done to increase the happiness of mankind. It has done a great service to mankind. It has brought about changes in our every day life. In every sphere, we depend on one or the other invention of science.

Science has given us a number of quick and safer means of transport and communication. These have helped to destroy the barriers of time and distance. Now every corner of the world is easily accessible by means of railways, ships and aeroplanes. This has made the world look smaller and created a feeling of international sympathy and brotherhood among the people. The modern means of communication enable us to send messages almost immediately to any part of the world. They have made the spread of knowledge and education possible in every corner of the world. People all over the world are benefited from the wisdom of a nation. There is a constant exchange of ideas among the peoples of different countries. This has helped to create a better understanding of one another’s problems and points of view.

Science has brought comfort and safety to every individual. Now we can grow more food in the fields than even before. Most of our work is now done by machines. This saves labor and gives us more time for recreation and research work. Science has given us a number of things which have made domestic life comfortable. For example, electricity lights our houses, cooks our food, washes our clothes, keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer.

Science has provided us with various means of healthy recreation. Radio and television not only entertain us but have also proved very useful from the educational point of view. The invention of the printing press has enabled us to enrich our minds with the knowledge of all the ages. It has also made the appearance of newspapers possible. Medical science has helped to increase the longevity of human life. Now no disease is regarded as incurable. Now it is possible even to replace almost every part of the human body.

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