Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools

A Home Away From Home

A supervised and ideal academic environment helps boarding students concentrate better on studies and extracurricular activities. So, they achieve excellence in their chosen field. And be successful in life, as it offers a host of other virtues. Read on to know more….

Now the parents are extremely busy because of being in responsible positions at work, managing hectic work schedules and home. Their life becomes quite challenging. The burden of arranging tutors for children, arranging for transport to ferry them from classes and recreational opportunities, birthday parties and uncertain domestic help to look after your home and children can cause a lot of stress that ultimately affects the home environment. A weekly or full-boarding school is a good solution to those parents who cannot devote too much or quality time to the child, or who are living in an area that lacks good schools and  is not conducive to bringing up a child. But the word ‘boarding’ evokes very strong reactions, both positive and negative, from most people. The feelings evoked are usually related to either your personal experience or perceptions formed from unconfirmed reports. It is necessary to put aside your personal prejudices for some time and read on to experience the amazing boarding and day school experiences on offer for your children from some of the leading schools in Kolkata.

Especially, weekly boarding is worth considering. Because there the focus is to help towards creating quality family time at home on weekends. Rather than spending time commuting to school, your child could be doing more meaningful things like exercising in the morning to improve his/her well-being, pursuing his/her passion for sports, music, dance, art or spending quality academic and fun time with peers and teachers, leading to overall development and growth. When boarding pupils are at home during weekends or holidays, time spent together as a family becomes real quality time.

Besides, it is the right age to inculcate the many values in your children. A boarding school ambience does the needful. Inculcating discipline with a sense of responsibility is task of immense importance. Boarding, in general, helps young people become more independent, self-reliant and most importantly in life. Strong social skills are an excellent byproduct of life in a boarding school. Students develop maturity and independence, overcome limiting fears and shyness and create lifelong friendships at boarding. Students don’t just have to manage their own affairs, they learn how to live and deal  with other people. Boarding school is a transformative experience in learning to communicate with others. Something a lot of people don’t get until college, if at all borders mature quickly and tend to be very independent and successful in college and life later on.

For the most important aspect studies-boarding schools have a well-deserved reputation for expecting excellence from students and for helping students with self discipline, keen intellectual development and uniquely sound work and study skills. Moreover, students can also interact with the teachers and approaching them is easy as they are available on campus throughout the day. Sports and extracurricular activities, music and drama programs, extracurricular clubs and free time to hang out with fellow students, learn from peers and grow together are some of the other added advantages of a boarding life.

Worrying about your child’s comfort at boarding? Uncomfortable beds, cold showers, a punishing environment and dull routine are a thing of the past. Extremely comfortable living accommodations with power showers, caring house parents and personal study space in well furnished air-conditioned dormitories as well as common rooms with TVs, comfortable seating, relaxation opportunities and a chance to develop lifelong friendships across cultures are now the norm. Boarding schools students are known to graduate with exceptional character and demeanor. They reside in a community where traits such as honesty, respect and hard work have great value and emphasis.


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