For those who have come out with flying colours in their exams, getting into the medical and engineering stream may seem like a cakewalk but do research well

From being home to Takshashila to being the land where Aryabhatta invented zero, India has for long been the seat of knowledge and inventions in education. For meritorious students in the country, pursuing courses in medical and engineering is the  natural choice. With West Bengal encouraging its students to take up the traditional and secure streams of study, there is a surge in the number of colleges and universities in the state.

While both the streams lead to fulfilling career choices, there are certain pointers that need to be kept in mind while choosing the stream and the college.

Becoming a doctor and looking after your well-being and those of people around you is a rewarding work. Perhaps, there is no other career which commands such respect and awe as that of a medical practitioner. The power to heal has placed the medical profession several rungs above all others. A doctor’s profession involves a lot of hard work with a good degree of dedication and at the same time, it also brings with it the satisfaction of having cured people suffering from illnesses, diseases and traumas. Similarly, engineering is a profession that has varied streams of specializations and which will land you in well-paying jobs. But do choose the correct path.

The Right Track

Identify your natural abilities, i.e. your aptitude. It is important. There are various engineering streams and you need to map your indicator of your aptitude. Your interests indicate your aptitude. There are scientific tests which can reveal more about your aptitude. Assess your personality type and your financial position to decide better. In case of private sat versus government seat, this parameter will have a huge bearing. Make an informed choice.

Aiming High

Define your goals. Decide whether you want to opt for a job or business, if choosing engineering. A job may be in private or government sector. You can run your family business or start your own. If you wish to earn a lot of money, you  would opt for private jobs or business. Whether you wish to settle down in India or abroad also have a bearing on your choice.

Correct Course

Opt for a stream that aligns with your goals. Choose as per your strengths, goals and future prospects of the stream. If your goal is to opt for MBA and you are getting mechanical as well as industrial engineering, opt for industrial engineering. So, if your father deals in real estate and you want to continue in the family business, logically civil engineering will be the best option. If you are interested in government services, say Indian engineering services or civil services, opt for the stream which will be useful for these examinations. Opt for established college or a college that promises new-age facilities.



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