Brussels, COME TO A new country

Brussels, COME TO A new country

Twelve months of rain,
Here the clouds graze like a cow …

The linearity of this poem is absolutely applicable for my current residence. Rain over more than half a year, always like the face of the sky in London, see THE ray in the sun – this is Brussels. However, the green hamlet does not stare at the grass. Diameter, then you have caught, after the completion of Pooni Panchali and Calcutta, now the Brussels Circulation. Will this new story?

Starting the story after ten months of the new town is a bad job, but I do not have a reader who can get angry or miss me, so … to eat fat. Moreover, it will take some time to get to know a new place. If so, what is Brussels? One of the answers to this is – A wet combination of wet, damp, cloudy, old and new.

The day I put the first step here, the guest house did not realize that the building was old or new. The wall made with a thin red brick, high chimney, is very old looking from outside. But shimmering inside, re-modeled. This is Brussels. Here the doors of the PALACE are open for the general public in summer, and on the contrary the food trucks are sold in different food.

The entire summer here is beautiful, according to the June-July-August estimate. The mercury of the temperature was much higher compared to the other year – 34 degrees Celsius. Our country is far less than the standard, but the main problem is that there is no issue of fan or AC here. So every person in the street is seen on the street all day or cold beer cans. And my most strange day, the length of the day increased. Within a few days of coming here, one can see the sunset at night in the night. Read in Geography that there was no sunset in Nordic countries. Come here and get a little glimpse of him.

After the cold winter I’ve never heard of ice in Brussels. This time it is absolutely wrong to prove that in the beginning of December the ice is freezing. Soft pebbles, like ice-cold roads, have flooded all the park parks. Do not cut it, but the rest of the month is rain and hot air. Heard that in whole December or just 8 hours sunburn rose. Can you think? However, in the months of February and March, more snow was printed. It is a great experience to see ice-free eating hot tea at home warming.

After the cold chilly frost in April, the city was flooded with joy in sunshine in April. People went to sleep in the park for a hundred and a half hour and fell asleep in the sun.

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