Buaji’s eyes (story-story)

Buaji’s eyes (story-story)

Author: Bhagirath Kanodia

There was a king named Pradyumansinh. He had a swan. The king used to pearl her pearl and followed her with great love. He used to fly away from the king’s palace every evening. And sometimes in some direction and sometimes in some direction he used to cut a little.
One day, he swung into the rooftop of Devanaji, flying in a swan. His daughter-in-law was pregnant. He had heard that if a woman gets a goose meat in her pregnancy. Then the child born to him is very bright, stunning and lucky. Seeing the swan on the ceiling, he got water in his mouth. He grabbed the goose and took it to the kitchen and cooked it and consumed it. He did not know about this matter. So, he did not allow his mother-in-law to do so, neither father-in-law nor his husband. Because he feared that if the king had a clue about this. Then he would be greatly disadvantaged.

On the other hand, when Hans reached the palace in the night, the king and the queen were very worried. His mind became distraught Man ran around in search of her but Hans could not find it anywhere! The king also informed in the adjoining towns and towns that if a swan could be found, then a huge prize would be given from the state.

Ten-Twenty Days Out Nothing could be known. Since she was very dear to the Hans King and the Queen, so they started to be depressed. One day a broody came to the king and said that he can find out the swan, but he needs a little time.

The king said, “Nobody could find out in my state’s Pandit-astrologer, Hakim-Hukkam and many of my detectives, how would you be able to find out?”

Kutani said, “I believe in my ability, if the order of the Anandaar is ordered, then once again the stars of the sky should be broken and you should give me some time and give the necessary money, whether I can bring it back or not, but I Let me assure you that I will bring him the real know-how. “

The king accepted and the bastard started to accomplish his purpose.

Firstly, Kutani discovered that in the rich houses of the city, which woman is pregnant. He knew that if a woman gets a goose meat in pregnancy then she will not be eaten without food. At the same time, it was also common that no woman from the ordinary house could dare to catch the king’s swan.

He discovered that Diwan’s daughter-in-law is pregnant. So, there was a doubt in his mind that the King’s swan might have been flying on the roof of his house someday and due to this being pregnant, this woman had eaten it.

Kutani thought, to have a close friendship with any woman, it is necessary to know her movements. Therefore, Kutani reached the village of Pehar. He went there and inquired about the names of all the peers and the special events of the past. And he found out that Devnaji’s daughter-in-law had gone with a sadhu at the young age and has not returned to date. He thought, now he went to Devangasi’s house and got a good weapon from his daughter-in-law, to get a better understanding.

He went to Devangasi’s house. Then he talked with his daughter-in-law about affection- motherhood and said; “Daughter, I am your sister, both of you have met for the first time, you must know that I had left the house long ago and went with a sadhu. The solution came back only after coming home and brother got it told me that you It is here that you have been married and your father-in-law is the Divine state. After knowing this, you were very excited about meeting with you. Here you go, I am very happy to see you, keep God happy and keep you from your womb. I am going back to the daybreak and after having your boy, I will come here to see the baby and take care of her. “

Dewan’s daughter-in-law believed her words because of her innocence and said, “Buhaji, if you have come, stay here for ten-twenty days. ” What has happened so fast!

What else was needed for the chewed cottaani! He accepted to stay there In a few days, the grand-niece got very shaken. In a matter of days, Bujhi said, “Daughter, if a woman gets pregnant after eating a goose meat, she gets very good results, her children are very bright and radiant, but the goose So Mansarovar did not leave anywhere else, so how could this work go? “

Upon hearing this, he told bujaji to talk about his swan with ease, to tell him. The boy said, “Daughter, it’s astonishing thing that the king had a swan here in your hands, whatever you did, he did very well. But you should not mention this incident to anyone in front of me. Well, the thing that I said to me is not going to go anywhere. So even if you mention it, there is no problem!

After a few more days passed, Kutani said, “Daughter, if you accept the idea of ​​eating swan in front of God, then the sin of killing the swan will descend from the head, the superannu will also be diploid, by saying to the temple priest I will  make such arrangements that when you tell all the incident there, you accept the crime. Even then the priests are not there and there will be no more, we will remain two.

He accepted it.

Kutani came to the king secretly and said, “I have made a promise to you, accordingly I have detected the swan.” By saying this, he told the whole incident to the king.

The king said, “What is the proof of this?”

She said, “On the day you come to the temple and go to the swan …..

Buaji’s eyes (story-story)

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Buaji’s eyes (story-story)

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Buaji’s eyes (story-story)

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