Amrapali and monk

Amrapali and monk

Buddha came to Vaishali in one of his migration. It is said that ten thousand disciples were always together with them. All the disciples used to go in the streets of Vaishali to ask for begging.

There was also the palace of Amrapali in Vaishali. She was Vaishali’s most beautiful woman and the Nagarvadhu. He entertained the King of Vaishali, the prince, and the wealthiest and powerful men. One day at the door of her, a monk came to ask alms. Seeing that monk, he fell in love with her. He used to see kings and princes every day, but only in the beggar who took a beggar, he saw unparalleled dignity and beauty.

He ran away from his quiver and said to the monk – “Come, please donate my donation”.

There were many other monks behind that monk. All of them did not believe in their eyes. When the young man went to take Bhiksha in the Amrapali temple, he got jealous and angry.

After giving alms, Amrapali told the young man – “After three days the rainy season is going to start. I want you to stay in my palace during that period. “

Yuksha Bhikshu said – “I have to get permission from my lord Tathav Buddha for this. If they allow, then I will stay here. “

On his exit, other monks talked to him. He told about Amrapali’s request. All the monks became enraged after listening to this. They had become so envious for a day, and for four months there was a plan of four months! Prior to reaching the Buddha of the young man, many monks reached there and they narrated this story – “That woman is a harlot and a monk can live there for four full months!”

Buddha said – “Keep calm. Let him come. Now he has not decided to stop. He will stay there only when I give him permission. “

The young man came and told the whole story by touching Buddha’s feet – “Amrapali is the town-bearer here. He has asked me to stay in his palace in Chaturmas. All monks will live in somebody’s house. I told him that I can stay there only after getting your permission. “

Buddha looked in his eyes and said – “You can live there.”

Hearing this, a large number of monks suffered a huge blow. All of them were unable to believe that Buddha allowed a young disciple to live in a Vashaya’s house for four months. After three days the young man went to live in the palace of Amrapali. The other monks started talking to Buddha about the things going on in the city – “There is only one discussion in the entire town that a young man will remain in the palace of Amrapali for four months!”

Buddha said – “All of you follow your footsteps. I have faith in my disciple. I have seen in her eyes that there is no desire in her mind anymore. Even if I do not allow him, he does not feel bad. I allowed him and he went away. I believe in his meditation and restraint. Why are you all so anxious and worried? If his Dhamma is untouched, then Amrapali will not remain without affecting him. And if his dhamma is weak, then he will surrender to Amrapali. It’s time to test for a monk. Just wait for four months. I have full faith in him. He will stand my belief. “

Many of the monks did not believe in Buddha’s point of view. They thought – “They trust so much without him.” The monk is now a young man and Amrapali is very beautiful. They are endangering the reputation of the monk union. “- But they could not do anything.

After four months the young man returned to Bhikshu Vihar and after that Amrapali came to Buddha too, Amrapali asked for the permission to enter Buddha from the Bhakshuni Sangha. He said – “I made every effort to pull your monk towards me but I lost. His conduct forced me to believe that there is a path of truth and freedom in your stages. I donate all my wealth to the monk association. “

The palaces and gardens of Amrapali began to be used for the maintenance of all the monks in Chaturmas. He was one of the most prestigious monks in the Buddha’s Union.

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