The phrase ‘Capital Punishment’ means death sentence awarded by a court of law to someone found guilty of some heinous crime like murder deliberately committed. In the past such sentence was passed also on those who were found guilty of treason, serious robbery, rape etc. many people would support capital punishment on the ground that a person who can destroy another person’s life or ruin a woman’s life by raping her is unfit to remain alive, and capital punishment is what he deserves. Besides, capital punishment also acts as a deterrent to others, who, without the fear of such extreme punishment, may commit heinous and inhuman crimes. But there are also people who think that a “tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye’ policy represented by capital punishment should not be followed by the state. A criminal, because of his distorted and warped mentality, many commit homicide, but a state should not act as a destroyer of human lives, however ignominious those lives may prove to be by their cruel actions. In many countries capital punishment is on its way out. Life imprisonment, incarceration in penitentiaries and, when necessary, psychological treatment of those guilty of violent and inhuman crimes are recommended as substitutes for capital punishment.

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