How to chase the ant from the house without chemical insecticide?

How to chase the ant from the house without chemical insecticide?

                                                chase ant chemical insecticide

  1. By the chemical sign that ants communicate with each other, fix their own roads, waste the chemicals, and add some salty material. So the ant can not withstand the ants. In the high-rise areas of the house (where the children do not reach hands), spread out the little scum. The ants and the bushes will not bind them.

  2. Vinegar’s taste is very effective in avoiding ants. Sprinkle a cup of vinegar in a cup of water and spread it to ants-affected areas. The ants will not be around the area. 

  3. Spread the cinnamon powder in the place where the ankle rises freely. The scent of cinnamon weakens the scent of the ants somewhat. Ants control disappears.

  4. Acetic acid of lemon juice prevents the ants from recognizing the odor. So a little lemon juice mixed in water can spray it at the corner of the house. House-house will be easily free from an ant.

  5. Cut chalk spots on the way to the ant. The calcium carbonate ants in it So if the stain is stained, then the ants do not come by that way. You can use chalk powders as needed.

  6. The back of the ankle The kitchen is running away from the ants, spreading the flour on the corner of the house, on the way to the ant.

  7. Platypus Ross has worked as well as vinegar. Give the window, lemon juice with the door in the ankle hole. Ants will die. Reducing the problem of ants in the water by mixing petilobur juice in the water.

  8. Like an antelope, peppercorn can not tolerate ants. So instead of transferring turmeric powder in the way of traffic, the ants ran away.

  9. In the same way, you can also use the nunake. Ants can not tolerate salt.

  10. Is not going to ants? Have a small glass of plastic in the house? Paste them into the dining table. Fill it a little water. See how the ant is seized. Standing on the table, you can not attack your food.10. Almonds, like the peppercorn, are very much like the ants. So they can spread the talcum powders on their way. The ants can also go away.


chase ant chemical insecticide


chase ant chemical insecticide


chase ant chemical insecticide

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