TOBACCO WAS FIRST DISCOVERED IN America. Its cultivation on a wide scale with the help of negro-slaves made it one of the major export items in American economy. Other parts of the world like Burma and Cuba. Also cultivated tobacco. Cigarettes made of tobacco rolled in tissue paper helped spread a very harmful habit among the so-called advanced countries of the West. From there it spread to different other countries of the world. Attractive packaging and expert publicity helped spread the diction of smoking cigarettes even among the poorer sections of the people. But recently it has been detected that the habit of smoking causes different kinds of serous physical ailment, beginning with coughing, sore-throat, laryngitis, asthma and ending with such a fatal disease as cancer. Besides, for no fault of their own even persons who are liable to inhale the cigarette smoke when in the company of a smoker may suffer from any of these diseases. This shows how dangerous the habit of smoking cigarettes is. Besides, smoking cigarettes means waste of money, since the habit instead of doing any good only causes in fury to one’s health and makes one a slave to the addiction. It has been found that by abstaining from smoking a person may be cured of many diseases. He is also relieved of the burden of needless expenses, and ultimately becomes a happier and healthier citizen. Therefore, we should all steer clear of this bad habit of smoking cigarettes.

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