The Indian coast guard, also known as Bharatiya Tatrakshak, was constitutes as an armed force of the union, under the Ministry of Defence, on 19 August, 1978.

The main objective behind the establishment of the coast guard was to protect the maritime zones of India, while also ensuring the safety and protection of offshore terminals, installations and other structures and devices in the maritime zones. This main function is that of defending the sea borders from enemy forces and the prevention of the misuse of Indian waters by smugglers and other such elements.

There has been a manifold increase in the consumption of plastic due to its utility, price range, variety, durability and versatility, rust and corrosion-proof qualities. In fact, next to steel, plastic is the most widely used material.

There has been a tremendous amount of grown in this industry recently, mainly due to the liberalization of the economy, lowering of import duties and the growing consumerism in the country.

The professionals in the plastic industry include engineers, especially chemical engineers, who are involved in the production of raw materials, designing of the product mould and the selection of material and right processing techniques. Depending upon the size of the organization, high-quality engineers and even diploma holders are employed in this industry.


For as long as toothaches have plagued humankind, so long has dentistry, however crude and primitive its form, existed. Through the ages, the traditional image of the dentist has evolved from the kindly relative dispensing home remedies to alleviate pain, to the local barber or blacksmith preparing to extract the offending tooth, to the modern professional we known today.

Dentistry in the present day is concerned with all health problems afflicting the mouth and teeth. It is a skill no longer applied only in times of emergency, but is now accepted as a scientifically founded professional field of great significance to public health. It now includes in its purview dental care and correction.

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