A computer starts somewhere

A computer starts somewhere

It starts with a bios and a CPU and a motherboard etc… When we code that computer to pump out a random number, what makes it pick the number it picks? Exactly the same computer sits beside it’s identical and they both pick different 1st random numbers. Is the Bios fed a seed during construction and every new bios gets a different seed? Those of us that have worked with random numbers know what a seed is. So why does my computer give a number between 100 and 1000 as 756, but yours gives, 537? Is that not a form of intelligence beyond that of artificial? We gave the comp(u)ter the ability to give random numbers. But what makes it give or pick that random number when in reality it has no ‘will’ to decide. Why 3 and not 4, when it favours nothing? Even with a seed, what makes it choose 5 with this seed but 7 with that seed? Where in the rules of life does it say that, with this seed equaling 756395837 in that computer, 1st random # will be this?

A machine with true artificial intelligence has not been created. Artificial intelligence studies have been focusing too narrowly on ‘problem solving’ as a paradigm for all intelligent behavior. This has led to a paradoxical situation where artificial intelligence specialists have been able to construct sophisticated knowledge based expert systems, but are unable to come to grips with ordinary perceptual and motor behavior involving vision, speech, locomotion, manipulation, language etc. computers at present are smart in some ways but are not intelligent. They “mechanically” work out solutions to problems; they do not use a logical/innovative approach that characterizes humans.

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