Difference between work and duties (folk story)

Difference between work and duties

folk story

Most people are worried because of small problems of daily life and are also happy after having all the facilities. A folk tale is prevalent in relation to concerns. In this context, a king was always worried even after having all the amenities. How did the king’s master solve all the worries, know in this context …
Long ago, there was a king. It was almost ten years before he became king. For the first few years, there was no problem in assuming the state. Then there was a time of famine. That year’s rent was not equal to that. The king was worried about how to reduce the cost so that the work could be done . And then there would be no famine in the future. He was also afraid of neighboring kings that they would not attack. Once he had caught some ministers trying to create a conspiracy against him.

The king did not sleep because of anxiety. Appetite seems too low. Hundreds of cats were served on the royal table. But they could not eat more than two or three bowls. The king used to see the gardener of his royal garden. Who used to eat seven to eight rounds of loaves with onion and chutney with great flavor.
When Raja Rajguru saw all this, he told the king that if you find a job better, then take a job here. I will stay in the ashram, but I want a servant to run this state. You will be in the palace like before. Sit on the throne and run the rule, this will be your job.

Raja accepted Rajguru and he started doing his job as a job. The difference was nothing but the work was the same, but now he was not concerned with responsibilities and anxiety. After a few months his guru came. Ask the king what is your hunger and sleep situation. The king said that the owner is now very hungry and sleeps comfortably.

The master explained to the king that everything is the same as before. But first you have understood the burden of burden. Now you are just understanding your duty We have got to fulfill this life duties. No one has got to load something like a burden. Anyone can work, worry makes him more difficult. Whatever you do, do your duty as a duty. It should not be forgotten that we did not bring anything. You will also keep this in mind, you will always be happy.

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