Duarsini Dimna Bangriposi

Duarsini in Bengal

Your heart beats to the tribal drums?  You often feel a certain pull to visit a Santhali village? Then Duarsini in Purulia is an ideal weekend getaway for you. This is a habitat to various tribal communities like Santhal, Munda, Shabaradh, and Kheriya. This tranquil hill station has hardly the touch of the vices of urban lives. Snatch the chance to be one with nature at the spot. You will discover an amazing assortment of trees like Shal, Teak, Mahua, Pial, Kusum, and Bahera forming woods at the place. As daylight retreats, the mystery of these woods becomes all the more intriguing with a shroud of darkness descending along the night. The moonlit night in the midst of the cadenced thumps of drums originating from the tribal’s. And the fascinating feeling of being surrounded by wilderness can be truly elating for the soul.

Dimna in Jharkhand

The beautiful picnic spot for Jameshedpur people is a great place to tour with your family. Dimna lake is surrounded by variety of flora, and can be reached after a beautiful hilly drive. It is situated at the foot hill of Dalma hills. The whole of the city of Jamshedpur gets its water supply from this lake. The gurgling water, the serenity around and the bustling picnic spot will keep you charmed.

Bangriposi in Odisha

Toying with the idea of an all-boys’ gang trail? Think of Odisha and no, It’s not Puri or Gopalpur that we suggest. Bangriposi will provide the much needed calm and thrillboth at the same time. To heal your mind and body, this weekend explore the marvelous landscape of Bangriposi. This place is extremely relaxing as well as exciting for travelling and has provided inspiration to many creative impulses of various litterateur and artists. The best place for nature lovers, Bangriposi gives ample scope of interaction with nature through its jungle, hills and river and the tribal culture, which are inseparable parts of nature. So if you want to satiate your hunger for travelling to new places. Then Bangriposi located in the shadows of the Thakurani Hills in Mayurbhanj, Odisha would be the best choice.

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Duarsini Dimna Bangriposi but

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Duarsini Dimna Bangriposi and

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