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From the time when the slightest idea of going for an MBA degree occurs to you until the time you actually land that plum job offer, is going to be one challenging and life-changing experience you presume? Well, life changing it is but you can draw up on your strengths – the very reason you will be considered a good manager later – and let the challenges resolve. A positive mindset and a measured approach is all you need. Handling pressure situations, taking the right classes along with selecting the best institutes go a long way. So get your act together.

Most of yo are in a quandary about choosing the right B-school and the various programs on offer.

Know what is best for you and make an informed choice. Stress on the need to be aware of the differences between an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and PGPM (Post graduate programme in management), choosing between a residential program or a distance learning, whether to go for AICTE or industry approved programs, the advantages of generalized programs as well as the pluses of specialized programs and the importance of the duration of course and study modules. There is no good or bad, you only need to suit your requirement.

Enhancing the finer qualities in you will also open a floodgate of opportunities and ensure rapid progress in your career.

In general, B-schools while admitting students take into account a combination of factors such as an aspirant’s past academic performance, work experience, entrance test scores, active involvement in sports, extracurricular activities and participation in projects of social relevance. The fact that you got through is half the battle won. But before you step out into the corporate world, make every bit of your personality count. While at the interview stage, a group discussion is an ideal way of figuring out whether you are a team player and have the ability to take the rest of the team members along. Though everyone can speak in one-to-one sessions, not many can speak in a group. Don’t rest once selected. Inculcate the habit and master the leadership qualities.

Know where the world is heading. It will help you keep track of the streams, within management course, that are in demand.  Awareness in environment has also increased by leaps and bounds and most big corporate houses are taking eco-friendly stances. In this aspect, Environment Management or Bio-Technology Management can be extremely fruitful. The energy sector is also looking extremely promising; especially in the alternative energy domain and Energy Management can be a really good decision for any interested professional. So it’s time you look up from your syllabus books and see the world around zooming past. Read, watch, discuss, interpret and apply-keep you mind alert and a successful management course completion along with career progress are your sure gains.




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