People hailing from  South India are generally considered to be steeped in culture. And it is a given that most of them are highly knowledgeable. Education in the southern parts of India is considered to be top-notch and a sure shot pedestal for success. (EDUCATION SOUTH INDIA)

The focus of education here is not only on gaining degrees, but also getting on-field experience and training. Be it in any field of education, information technology (IT) or media, the south provides exciting opportunities to grow and fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

 Many initiatives taken in southern Indian states, including those of government, as well as public-private partnerships. And recruiting industries and institutions have made career prospects brighter and more varied for those students who opt for studying here. 

   According to the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, the states of Tamil Nadu and kerala together have recently accounted for nearly 40% or education loans disbursed by banks in the country. The figures include more than Rs 16,000 crore in Tamil Nadu an re tan Rs 10,000 crore in Kerala. These statistics suffice to prove that the quality of education in southern India holds immense value! (EDUCATION SOUTH INDIA)

   If you look at Karnataka, which is the leading IT hub in the country, the state has immense potential in providing holistic education in various fields. Even the State Government has taken a mature approach towards education and has pioneered the liberalization of higher education. The state prides itself in promoting and maintaining strong standards in the field of science and technology, most importantly information technology. Many institutions also provide quality education in biological sciences, scientific research, health sciences and agricultural sciences, among many other fields.

  Moving on to Kerala. According to the Census of Indas 2011, the state has achieved the highest literacy rate in the country, over 94%! Thus, one can imagine their focus on education and empowering people through knowledge-based institutions. Moreover, even the social development in the state has shown strong growth over the years. Institutions of higher-education including postgraduate education in cities like Kochi, Trichy and Kozhikode are par excellence. The Kerela education Grid promoted by the State Government helps link the many institutes of distinction across the state. And thus provides seamless transfer of knowledge and strong potential for further education and placements of recruitments. (EDUCATION SOUTH INDIA)

  Andhra Pradesh is also turning out to be a hot destination for higher education in India. The education system in the state is one of the most transparent in the country, keeping up-to-date with the times. The Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education is the first of its kind in India. It helps keeps the state abreast in terms of the latest guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission. Moreover, the state is also known for its premier institutions in the field of technology.

The scientific contributions of researchers and academics from the state have brought worldwide acclaim to the country. The state has also thrived in the fields of science, economic science and mathematics. In fact, Tamil Nadu has the second largest intake capacity in  India in engineering and polytechnic education. The intake capacity of engineering colleges has recently reached more than 35,000 and that of polytechnics has reached more than 47,000. Also, graduates from institutions from the state, especially technical institutions. Have not only become major entrepreneurs, but also industry experts the world over. (EDUCATION SOUTH INDIA)

   Thus, the scope of studying down south, be it in any major field of education, is immense. The focus on qualitative education over quantitative education, global diversity and renown of premier institutions, promotion of practical knowledge than learning by rote, industry exposure, high rates of recruitment, industry best practices, world-class facilities and campuses, eminent and experienced faculty and  compact knowledge-based classrooms are only some  of the reasons, among a plethora of others, why you should choose to study in institutions of south India. The career-growth prospects are immense. And the education system of the region ensures that you fuel your aspirations and fulfill your dreams!  (EDUCATION SOUTH INDIA)

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