The present education system in India is based on 10+2+3 system of education. Under the 10+2+3 system of education, there is a common liberal syllabus across the country with slight variation from one board to the other. After that specialization begins. A student can go for humanities and social science or science or commerce or any other stream of his choice. Thereafter, a student undertakes three years of graduation in the subject of his choice. Or, he goes for technical education in the Engineering or medical science.

The education system in India lays emphasis on liberal education so that the students have full opportunity to develop their personality and mind. A student has to study all the subjects upto the secondary standard, so that is some one has studied upto graduation or post graduation, he also has some knowledge of arts. Similarly an arts graduate or post-graduate has some knowledge of science. Besides, in the course curriculum of study, there is also an option for those who wish to go for vocational studies. The process of vocatinalisation begins after the class tenth. Those who wish to study technical courses join the diploma courses in polytechnics. Moreover, there is enough option in the education system in India for those who wish to go for the advanced specialised study in any field. There are specialised research institutes in arts, humanities, pure science and technology etc.

However, despite all these plus points of the education system, our education system also suffers from certain drawbacks. There is lesser emphasis on primary education as against the higher education. It is clearly, a British legacy, the result of which is a mass illiteracy in India. Secondly, perhaps it is the drawback of the education system in India, that there is a high drop out at the primary level. Therefore, the curriculum at the primary lever should be made more student friendly.

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