Eklavya Guru–shishya Story

Eklavya Guru–shishya Story

The Guru was the master, Dronacharya, Pandovan and Kauruvan. He used to give knowledge of archery.
Eklavya was from a poor Shudra family. One day, he went to Dronacharya and said that Gurudev, I also have to get the knowledge of archery. You are requested to give me knowledge of archery by making me your disciple.

But Dronacharya told Eklavya his compulsion and said that he would get education from some other Guru.

Hearing this, Eklavya departed from there.

Eklavya after many days of this incident, Arjun and Dronacharya went towards the forest for hunting. A dog with them was also gone. The dog suddenly ran from one place to the other. It took an bark arrow. He was soaked for a long time and then suddenly barked. Arjun and Gurudev felt this strange, and they grew more of the place from where the sound of dog barking was coming.

What they saw by going there was an unbelievable event. Someone had stopped the dog without hurting his mouth and he could not even bark at it. Seeing this, Dronacharya got shocked and thought that I have not even given knowledge to arrange arrows so efficiently, I have not even given my dear disciple Arjun, nor does anyone know such penetrating knowledge here besides me … Then how such an incredible incident happened?

At the same time Eklavya was holding arrows and arrows in his hand.

Seeing this, Gurudev also got shocked.

Dronacharya asked Eklavya, “Son, how did you do all this?”

Then Eklavya said, “Gurudev – I have made your idol here and after performing it every day, I practice strictly against it and due to this practice I am able to hold the bow in front of you today.”

Gurudev said, “You are blessed! Your practice has made you such a magnificent archer, and today I understood that practice is the greatest guru.”

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Eklavya Guru–shishya Story not only this, but also the following……..

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Eklavya Guru–shishya Story not only this, but also the following……..

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