One of the wonders of science is electricity. It is perhaps the most versatile invention of modern science. It provides us with light and air, cooks our food, cools our rooms in the heat of summer and makes them warm in the days of winter. The giant wheels of industries are kept revolving by the really all-powerful electricity. Just a hundred years or so ago a manĀ  had to depend on candles for light, on wood or coal for heat and fire, on hand fans for cooling himself in the heat of the sun. But electricity alone has satisfied all these needs and more. Even Benjamin Franklin himself could never force that his kite flying in a storm would bring about such a revolution has brought into our life. It runs the railway, it keeps industries active, keeps moving the lifts and the underground metros. The escalators and scores of other things have become part and parcel of our existence and we can hardly think of life without them. Modernization andĀ  electrification cannot be separated from each other. The first thing that one thinks when considering making villages modern is providing electricity to them. Even agriculture today does not depend underground water which supplies the water needed for irrigation in the event of the failure of the monsoon depends on electricity.

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