All the same (story-story)

All the same (story-story)

Equality (story)
Author: Vikram Kumar Jain

Once upon a time, there was a sudden panic between the sun, the wind, the water and the farmer. The thing was not big, it was small that they had big ears? If the sun told me big, the wind did not leave itself, water and farmers. He claimed to be his elder. After all, the sesame became palm. Even when he did not come to any conclusions even after arguing, the four decided that he would not do any work from tomorrow. See, without which the work of the world stops.

When the animals and birds came to know they came running. They tried to find their way out of the match, but they did not get success.

The sun did not get out on the second day. So, the wind stopped moving, the water dried up, and the farmer sat down with his hands and hands. The hammer went all around. People started praying that they should do their own work; But they did not seem to be teasing. Standing on your side People were greatly shocked and silent. But the work of the world has not stopped. Where the cock does not speak, there is no morning?

The four were big ones. Sitting down, he started getting nervous in a while. Cutting time became overwhelming Their pride started to grow. Who is Akhir big? Who is small? Everyone has their own work. No one is bigger than anyone, it comes from the work.

The sun shocked at the most. Your own heat started burning. He started scattering his rays If the scorching heat started to kneel, then he too started walking. Likewise, water and farmers also got engaged in their work.

They understood well that there is no small person in the world, neither is there any bigger one. All are the same The difference between the small and the big is upper.

-Vikram Kumar Jain
[Malwa folklore]

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Equality story


Equality story


Equality story

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