In Sanskrit language the bird is described as ‘twice – born’ – once in its limited shell and then finally in the freedom of the unbounded sky. Those of our community who believe in the liberation of man’s limited sett in the freedom of the spirit retain the same epithet for themselves. In all departments of life man shows this dualism – his existence within the range of obvious facts and his transcendence of it in a realm of deeper meaning.

Man learns by committing mistakes. But the realization of these mistakes enhances his personality. Error can be defined in several ways: (1) A departure form correctness. (2) A mistaken belief and (3) the state of holding a mistaken belief. As far as the first part of the topic is concerned man commits all the three above mentioned follies. But to correct them as pert the norm of society is also the responsibility of man. “To err is human’’ reflects the fact of human existence and ‘To forgive is superhuman’ is the ideal of life. The beauty of life depends on the smooth transition of pendulum form the material reality to the spiritual cosmos. Forgetting is, broadly, the loss of the ability to recall recognize or reproduce that which was previously learned. But to remember the follies of human existence will obstruct the flow of beauty in life. Those who forget such petty details of human life are really superhumans.

There is a story in the Bible that the first man fell from the paradise due to his greed and hence, he committed error. But very soon he realized his mistake and forgot the path of deed. He transformed himself and got the image of God. Main is the only creature who possesses conscience and due to his conscience he has got the divine quality of forgetting. This quality marks him a superhuman. If we transcend ourselves from our weaknesses and dwell in the realm of unfathomable love, we transform ourselves into superhuman.

Having this instinct inherent in his mind which ever suggests to him the crossing of the border, he has final, and his incessant struggle has been to break through the shell of his limitations. In this attempt he often goes against the instincts of his vital nature, and even exults in his defiance of the extreme penal laws of the biological kingdom. The man who follows this spirit proves himself a real superhuman by his own manifestation to truth and goodness.

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