You may love your birthplace naturally as you get used to its virtues and vices. But those distant dreams, those occasional thrills of realizing them and that oh-so-desirable swanky  partner during short travels are what you can relive your life for?

If adventure and an unplanned itinerary excite you, then road trips are for you. Whether you are trying your hand at really long drives, itching for the umpleenth number of travel tales by car or deciding on a destination, make your journey hassle-free with these suggestions. NEAT PICK

With a hectic schedule like yours, a vacation is a welcome break. But the thought of packing your life into a small suitcase is worrisome? Here’s   help. We bring you the essentials of travelling light and how to keep the happy glow on.

Appropriate Items

Carrying important items and yet not paying, in cash or curse, for extra luggage is an art. We help you master that. Select clothes that work well together and that are interchangeable. Go for one colour base – either solids or neutrals or limited patterns in same colour. Your fabric should also be either flexible for short trips or idle for long vacations or durable quick dry synthetics. Try taking along items that can be mixed and matched.

Classic, well-fitted styles are best cuts to wear. Keep your style simple yet appropriate for the vacation setting-beaches, hills, cites, treks, villages etc. for a short trip don’t carry anything else than a weekender bag.

Travel Wardrobe

Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or a no-frills person, we have tips to make it a comfortable affair. Pack in floral print harem pants, calf-length comfortable skirts, shorts, peach dress with frills, a pair of well-fitted denims or ripped jeans, loose tees, flat ballets, basic black sandals, sunglasses, hats and caps and you are ready to go.

Makeup Made Easy

The no makeup look is best suited when travelling. But do apply a cream base that gives you coverage from the sun and dryness. A good base is half your look set. Ample rest during the Vacation and a touch of kajal and gloss will make you glow.


Once you are done with yourself, look to preen your car. There are few things in life as enjoyable as a simple road trip, and successful drives have always been the result of careful planning. A pre-trip auto check-up could make all the difference. Take good care of your car before you leave, and it will take good care of you out on the road.

Prepare well

Tune up your car by having I serviced and checked at least a week before the trip. This advance check-up will head off possible problems on the road and give you enough time to fix any errors caused by the mechanic such as loose fuses and filters. Start your trip with a full tank of fuel and make it a habit to fill up at the 1\2 level rather than letting it run down to near empty.

Stay Safe

Buy fuel only from company-owned petrol stations in large towns. Learn how to change your tyres. In addition to a puncture repair kit, you should take along an extra inner tube. Most highway tyre-repair shops do not have the facilities to repair tubeless tyres. Duplicate keys will help if you lock yourself out of the car. Carry them in your wallet so they don’t get locked in the car, too. Do your wipers give you a smear-free view when it rains? If not, replace them before your trip.

Remind yourself

Don’t forget to carry a photocopy of the car’s documentation i.e. registration book, tax receipts, insurance and so on. Have fog-lights fitted on your car in case you encounter extreme weather conditions they will also be useful if your headlights malfunction.


Solo sojourns


Travelling as part of education




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