In our country examination is the yard stick by which merits and abilities of students are measured. There are many examination in a year, and the annual examinations for promotions for higher classes, are the most tiresome things. Students have to appear in these examinations, hard and tedious they are. Examination awakens the feelings of hope and fear in the students. The preparation for examination is a long tiresome job which ultimately brings in feelings of boredom and bitterness. Cramming is essential for good results in examination and cramming mechanises the entire system of preparation and examination. I sat for the Secondary examination last year. The preparation  for It lasted for three months. These three months were a period of grueling struggle with the books. The first phase of the struggle was pleasant. I was trying to collect new points for my answers to the questions. I was making efforts to improve the quality of my answers as much as possible. It was for me exciting and thrilling. I consulted books, some good note books and then prepared my answers. This exercise was highly stimulating and pleasing. I had memories of exciting talks with my friends and teachers on various topics.

Then the tedious monotonous work came. I had to go through them times without number so that these things stuck in my memory. IN the present system of examination, cramming is an essential part of preparation. One has to answer as many as ten questions in three hours. One can not rely on his own intellectual resources for production so many quick answers. ,Moreover, there are so many subjects in the same manner. I was not good at Mathematics and Geography. The fear that I might do ill in these subjects haunted me throughout. The over-all result of examination depends on scoring good marks in all subjects. Naturally I was afraid that I would cut a sorry figure in Mathematics and Geography. Whenever I had  to work out arithmetical sums, I had almost an eerie feeling. But when I had to do exercise on English, History and Social Sciences, I felt inspired. I was confident that I would score high marks in these three subjects. Thus my memory of preparation for examination was both pleasant and unpleasant.

The preparation for examination for long three months was attended with feelings of disgust and bitterness with the life itself. I could not enjoy other things. I was confined to my room with my books. I could neither go to my friends, nor could I see cinema nor attended any entertainment. Life became a dreary dull round of same for all the days. Sometimes, there were bitter moments. But again I could brace myself to my work in the hope that I would do well to ensure a bright future for me. In short, there was oscillation between extremes of lethargy and extremes of energy. I often thought like Falstaffr in Shakespeare’s Henry IV on the eve of the battle of Shrewsbury: “would it were bed-time and all were well”. I had a feeling during my preparation work for the examination that the system of examination called for change. It makes one a dull crammer. It takes away the energy of spirit for intellectual adventure. The students are narrowed down to a set of few questions and answers for months. This system can not simulated the intelligent pupils who find interest in new initiative and new adventures. As a result of this system of examination, dullards and mediocre often get the better of those who are more alert, more clever and more brilliant.

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