Students all over the world are day by day becoming more fashion conscious. The young students, both boys and girls, want to dress themselves in the most modern designs of the latest fashion. These fashions are introduced by fashion designers to boost the sales f their dresses. Fashion has a tendency to spread like wild fire and very son it is adopted by all the young girls and boys in the schools and colleges.

Big dress making firms and cloth mills employ fashion designers and beautiful models to popularize their dresses. Fashion parades and shows are held in big five star hotels to exhibit the latest dresses.

There was a time in the past when it was thought that only the females have a monopoly over fashion. But now-a-days it is not so. Because both the boys and the girls are crazy after the fashions. The latest fashion is to wear uni-sex dresses which is the home of fashion it changes very fast. In India Bombay, Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. are big fashion centres. In India student copy fashions from the films which are made in Bombay and other film centres.

Fashion can be used for anything, for dress, hair style, shoes, manner or etiquette – in all spheres of life. Some persons may be crazy to wear fashionable clothes, others to keep fashionable hair styles, or to keep an expensive library, while others may adopt fashion in their speech and manner. Again, in fashin nothing is stable and eternal. Here everything changes fast, like the law of nature.

The students in India have become quite fashionable now-a-days. The students are the most fashion conscious persons in the society. In a college campus one can find both the girl and boy students dressed in all types of fashionable clothes. The girl students wear fashionable dresses like beautiful butterflies. The boys also try their best to look like the most popular heroines like film actors – Devanand, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachan, the girl students also dress up to look like the most popular heroines like Dimple in bobby style, Hema Malini or Rakhi.

The students in India learn all their fashions from the films. Even going to cinema s also a fashion and a good pastime among the college students. The most fashionable among them like to see the latest foreign films of their favourite Hollywood actors and actresses. The students like to see the latest Indian films in the town on the very first day, and the first show. Thus the students try to imitate the actions, dresses, hair styles of their favourite heroes and heroines.

Some highly fashion conscious students spend a very long time on their fashionable make up. They possess the latest information regarding films and fashions. But if you talk to them about their text books, they will be dumb founded. Those students who do not wear fashionable dresses in the colleges are regarded as backward and outcast. Poor students who cannot afford themselves the luxury of fashion mostly remain under inferiority complex.

Generally, those students who spend a lot of time on their make up and fashion do not take their studies seriously. They have no time even to remove the dust settled on their books. Some students have also the wrong idea that fashion only means wearing expensive clothes and other costly things. Very expensive clothes do not make a person fashionable. One can look smart and fashionable in simple clothes also in fact simplicity is the best fashion.

If the students waste their precious time only on fashions at the cost of their studies, it is not a good thing, because it is no good to look as models, actors and actresses while neglecting one’s studies. The main aim of the students in going to the college campus is not learning new fashions only but acquiring knowledge for their future career.

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