Fly like a bird/Dreams Of Freedom



Fly like a bird

If i could fly like a
bird i would fly so very
high. I would soar through
the sky leaving all my
worries behind.

If i could fly like a bird
my face would touch the 
clouds while my
feathers hit the ground
as the wind cools me 

If i could fly like a bird
time would slow me down
giving me time to enjoy the 
peace that surrounds all
around. If i could fly like
a bird swift as a light i know for 
a fact i would love this graceful
flight. by Javon Evans


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Dreams Of Freedom

Sometimes I wonder what it is like to be free,
Like a monkey swinging from tree to tree,
Or like young eagles way in the skies,
Calling to each other with joyful cries.

Oh, to be free and without a care,
Not to live in bondage or constant fear.
To live each day and spread my wings,
To be forever untouched by negative things.
by Belinda Schuler-chin

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