Thief and king (folk tale)

Thief and king (folk tale)

folk tale

There was a thief in some age. He was very clever. People said that he could fly to the mascara of the man’s eyes. One day the thief thought that if he would not go to the capital and would not show his feat, then his throat would not be framed between the thieves. Thinking he went towards the capital, he reached there to see the city and where he could go. 
He decided that he would begin his work from the king’s palace. The king had deployed many soldiers for the night guarding the palace. Without even caught Parinda could not enter the palace. There was a huge clock in the palace, which kept playing hours to tell the night time.

The thief gathered some nails of iron and when the clock played twelve in the night, with every voice of the hour. He went on stopping each nail in the wall of the palace. In this way, without making any noise, he put twelve nails in the wall, then caught him caught and climbed up and entered the palace. After that he went into the treasury and brought many diamonds from there.

The next day when the theft was detected, the ministers reported it to the king. The king was shocked and angry. He instructed the ministers to seize the number of soldiers to patrol the streets of the city, and if at night someone is found roaming, then consider him as a thief and get arrested.

At the time when the announcement was being made in the court, a thief was present in the search of a citizen. He came to know of one thing in the whole scheme. It soon became known that about twenty six soldiers were selected for patrol in the city. She went home cleanly and took a beggar’s bamboo and got her from the wives of twenty-six soldiers. Each of them was curious to know that her husband could get a reward from the thief and get the reward from the king.

One by one, the thief went to them all and saw their hands and told them that the night is auspicious for him. A thief in his husband’s dress will come to his house; But, let’s not let the thief cast inside your house, otherwise he will suppress you. Turn off all the doors of the house and even if she speaks in the voice of her husband, throwing coal burning on it. The result will be that the thief will catch up.

All the women got ready for the thief’s arrival at night. They did not give this information to their husbands. Meanwhile, the husband went to his patrol and kept on guard till four o’clock in the morning. Though it was still dark. But till then, no one else appeared there, then he thought that the thief would not come that night, thinking that he decided to go home. As soon as they reached the house, the women became suspicious and they started the action of the thief.

The result was that the soldiers became very angry and could hardly convince their women that they are their real husbands and they should open the door for them. Due to the burning of all the husbands, they were taken to the hospital. The next day when the king came in the court, the whole story was told. The king was very worried and ordered Kotwal to go and get a thief.

That night Kotwal started getting ready to guard the city. When he was going to a street, the thief looked at him and said, “I am a thief.” Kotwal understood that someone is joking. He said, “Junk, and if you are a thief, then come with me. I will put you in the lumber. “The thief said,” Okay. What will happen to me from this! “And she reached Kotwal’s place of place.

Going there, the thief said, “Kotwal, how do you use this verse, please convince me.” Kotwal said, “What confidence do you have!” I tell you and you run away? “The thief said,” I have handed myself over to you without your saying. Why would I run away? “Kotwal agreed to show him how to put the lumber. As soon as he put his hands and feet in it, the thief turned on the key key and stopped the Kathal lock and let Kotwal run by Ram-Ram.

It was a cold winter night. The days have passed out of the quota, and the cold has become dull. Early in the morning when soldiers started coming out they saw that Kotwal was stranded in the lumber. They removed him from the hospital and took him to the hospital.

The next day when the court took place, the whole story of the night was told to the King. The king was so surprised that he decided to surrender the thief himself that night. The thief was present in the court at that time and was listening to all the things. At night, he made a disgust for the sadhu and sat down on the bank of the river under a tree.

The king started patrolling and passed twice before the sadhu. For the third time when he came back, he asked the sadhu, “Have you seen any stranger coming from here?” The sadhus replied that “He had thought in his own mind that if anybody came out of him He does not know. If you want, sit down to me and see if someone comes or does not. “One thing came in the king’s mind and he decided that the monk would wear his dress and walk around the city and he would wear the monk’s clothes There, sitting in search of thieves.

After a lot of debate and refusal, two thirteen times, the thief agreed to listen to the king and they changed clothes among themselves. The thief immediately rode on the king’s horse and reached the palace and went to sleep in the comfort of the King’s sleeping room. The poor king continued to wait for the thief to catch the thief. There were four o’clock in the morning. The king saw that neither the monk returned and a man or thief passed that way. Then he decided to return to the palace. But when he reached the palace gate, the oranges thought that the king had already come, whether it be a thief, who wants to enter the palace as king. They caught the king and put him in the black hole. The king made noises, but no one listened to him. 
When the daylight was light, the Sentry, who guarded the dungeon, recognized the face of the king and started shivering trembling fear. He fell on the king’s feet. The king summoned all the soldiers and went to the palace. On the other hand, the thief who slept in the palace in the form of a king overnight, the first ray of the sun burst, only in the king’s dress and on the horse of his horse.

The next day when the king reached his court, it was very frustrating. He announced that if the thief gets present in front of him, he will be forgiven and no action will be taken against him. But he will also get reward for his cleverness. The thief was present there and immediately came in front of the king and said, “Maharaj, I am the culprit.”

In this proof, he showed everything that was stolen from the king’s palace, along with the king’s dress and His horse too. The king gave him a village reward and promised that he would stop stealing further. After this the thief stayed with great joy.

(Author: Lakshminnivas Birla, Indian folklore, cheap literature board publication)

folk tale folk tale

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folk tale folk tale

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