Forcleaner and whiter teeth

Forcleaner and whiter teeth

Keeping your teeth. gums and mouth clean and healthy can help in preventing tooth decay. A clean healthy mouth feels nice and keeps your breath fresh.

In 1965, Amway created a toothpaste with polishing and cleaning agents to make teeth “glisten”. The Glister toothpaste from Amway helps remove plaque with regular brushing gently removes surface stains and discolorations, such as those caused by coffee, tea and smoking while offering enamel safe-polishing.

Amwaybelieves in optimal oral health which begins with daily brushing andgoes beyond. Glister helps provide care for your teeth and gums -whitens teeth, helps fight cavities, safely cleans, freshens breathand helps promote remineralisation. The REMINACT formula in Glisterhelps re-deposit essential minerals back on to the enamel, to maketeeth stronger and more resistant to decay.*

For 50years Amway has sold millions of tubes of Glister, making it ourbest-selling product around the globe based on unit volume.

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