Four friends (Folk tales)

Four friends (Folk tales)
Author: Murlidhar Jagtap

It’s a long time ago. There was a small town, but the people living in it were big hearted. Four friends lived in such a city. They were small Omar, but there was a big mail in all four. Among them was a prince, the son of the second king’s son, the son of the third moneylender and the son of a fourth farmer. The four used to eat, drink and play together.

One day the farmer said to his son, “Look, son, your three companions are rich and we are poor, what a good match for the earth and sky!”

The boy said, “No, father, I can not leave with them. Of course I can leave this house.”

The father became enraged after hearing this and asked the boy to leave home immediately. The boy also commissioned his father’s command like Ram and went straight to his friends. Tell them the whole story. Everyone decided that we would stay away from our own house. After this, everyone went away from their home and village and walked towards the forest.

Slowly, the sun drowned in the sea in the west and it was dark on the earth. Were passing through four forests. There was black night Listening to the sounds in the forest, all started scared. The mice were running through hunger in their stomach. The farmer’s son saw a lot of firefly shining under a tree. He took his companions there and asked them to sleep under the tree. Her heart filled with tiredness Said, “You people bought this trouble for my sake.”

Everyone endured her endurance and said, “No, no, how can it be that one of our fellow hunger wanders and wanders in our own homes. If we live together, we will die together.”

After a while, the three slept, but the boy’s boy’s sleep in the eyes! He prayed to God, “O God! If you are really somewhere, then come and listen to my call and help me.”

Hearing his call, God came there as an old man. To the boy, “Take the demand, whatever is to be asked, see this, there are diamonds and jewels in this bag.”

The boy said, “No, I do not want diamonds, my friends are hungry, give them something to eat.”

God said, “I tell you one thing of difference … that which is in front of the tree … mango, there are four common ones on it – one is fully cooked, the second is cooked less than that, the third is less ripe It happened and the fourth crude. “

“What’s the difference?” The boy asked.

God said, “Eat these four common people you eat, the first of which you eat the common man will become a king, the second will be the minister of the common man who will eat the mango, the third will eat the mango, diamonds will emerge from his mouth and the fourth common man The sentence of imprisonment will suffice. ” By saying this, the old man disappeared from the eye.

When all rose early in the morning, the farmer’s son said, “Wash all the mouth.” Then he kept the raw mango for himself and the rest gave them to eat.

All eat mango If there is some relief to the stomach, then all of them move from there. A well was seen on the way. After a long walk, everyone was hungry and thirsty again. That’s why they started drinking water. When Rajkumar drank water with the intent of washing his mouth and then spit, then three diamonds came out of his mouth. He was a diamond assay. He silently kept the diamonds in his pocket.

On the second morning after reaching a capital, he took out a diamond and gave it to the minister’s son and asked to bring something to eat.

When he reached the market with diamond, what do you see that many people have gathered on the way. The shoulder-to-shoulder is lying. An elephant is coming along with music. He asked a man, “Why brother, what is this noise?”

“Hey, you do not know?” That man said to amazement“not.”

“Here the king has died without children, the king needs a king, so this elephant has been left on the road, the king will choose.”

“How’s that ?”

“Do you see that fruit in the trunk of the elephant?”


“The elephant whose neck will cast this necklace, will become our king. Look, this elephant is coming towards this.”

The boy stood aside on the other side of the road. The elephant came to him and suddenly put garland in his neck. Similarly the son of the minister became the king She had eaten the whole ripe mango that was eaten. He forgot all his friends in the royalty

After a lot of time, he did not return, seeing this, the prince took out the second diamond and asked the son of the moneylender to fetch anything. He reached the market by taking diamonds. The state had got the king, but the absence of the minister was to be fulfilled, hence the elephant was brought back and given again. Talk of luck! Now the elephant wore the son of the moneylender standing near a shop. He became a minister and he also forgot friends.

The prince and the farmer’s boy were getting worse due to hunger. What do we do now ? Then the son of the farmer said, “Now I have got something to eat.”

The Prince handed over the remaining diamond to him. She went to a shop. By taking food items, he kept his own diamond shopkeeper on the palm. Seeing a precious diamond near a fateful boy, the shopkeeper suspected that he might not be, this boy must have stolen this diamond from the palace. He immediately summoned the soldiers. Soldiers came They did not listen to the farmer’s boy and took him captive. On the second day he was sentenced to life imprisonment. It was the same raw mango of Pratap.

Poor prince was worried about the murder. He started thinking, this is a big bizarre town. None of my friends came back It is better not to live in such a city. He ran from there and came to another village. On the way, he found a farmer, who was returning to his house keeping a bundle of bread on his head. The farmer took him with him and took his house for food.

After reaching the farmer’s house, Rajkumar saw that the farmer’s condition was very bad. The farmer respected him very much and said, “I was the head of the village, giving donations to three crore people daily, but now I am very happy for the cows.”

Rajkumar was hungry, he got the dry roti that he got, he ate. After the next morning, when he washed his mouth after rising in the morning, then three diamonds came out of his mouth. They gave the diamonds to the farmer. The farmer again became wealthy and he started donation of three crore again. Rajkumar stayed there and the farmer started loving his sonly love.

This pleasure was not seen by a woman working in a farmer’s farm. He told all the talk to a prostitute and said, “Bring that boy away and you will get so much money that he will keep on binge of peace.” Now the prostitute took the form of a farmer-woman and went to the farmer’s house and said, “I am her mother, this bride is the star of my eyes. How can I live without it? Send it with me.” The farmer got his point The prince also came in misguided and followed him.

When the house came, the prostitute threw a lot of wine to the prince. He thought, if the boy would vomit, then many diamonds would come together. According to his wish the boy was vomited. But the diamond did not even get one. Being angry, he beat Rajkumar very much and put him behind a farmer’s house in a landfill.

The prince was unconscious. When he came to consciousness, he thought, it would not be right to go to the farmer’s house, so he took the ashes on his body and became a sannyasin and walked from there.

On the way he saw a rope lying on gold. As soon as he lifted the rope, he suddenly became the paranoid of the golden color. Only then, Akashwani came, “A princess has arranged that she will marry with golden parrots.” [Four friends (Folk tales)]

Now the parrot started flying the country freely in the sky and traveled the country. One day, he reached the same palace, where the princess was looking for the golden parrot day and night and was becoming lean day by day. He said to the king, “I will marry with this golden parrot.” The king is very sad that such a beautiful princess will marry a parrot! But one of them did not run. After all, the princess got married with golden parrots. Parrot became a beautiful prince after marriage. The king jumped happily after seeing this. He gave immortal wealth to his daughter, servants, servants, horses and elephants. Half state also gave it.

New King-Queen Goes to Home Raja first went to meet the village headman, who had become poor again. The king gave him a lot of wealth, so that his donation of three crore was restored.

Now the Prince remembered his friends. He announced the attack on the capital of the neighboring state, but before the war began, the king of that state came to meet the princess with his chieftains-Mussaibs. He made preparations to hand over his kingdom to Prince. From the voice of the king, the prince recognized him and said to him, “Why did not you recognize me, friend?” Both of them were unaware of each other’s happiness. Now the two together started searching for their partner, the son of a farmer. When all the prisoners were released, they got a farmer’s boy. Rajkumar began to believe that his friend had to undergo imprisonment. The prince embraced him and introduced himself. The farmer’s boy jumped happily. They all gathered again.

After this, everyone collected their property and made four equal parts. Everyone was given a share. Everyone came back to their village. Meet parents A wave of joy ran across the village. All of us have been happily passing on.

– Murlidhar Jagtap

Four friends (Folk tales) Four friends (Folk tales)


Four friends (Folk tales) Four friends (Folk tales)

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Four friends (Folk tales) Four friends (Folk tales)

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Four friends (Folk tales) Four friends (Folk tales)

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