1. MOM: Pinky, just look at the mess you’re in! What have you been doing?

Pinky: I feel in a puddle, Mom.

Mom: in your new dress?

Pinky: well, sorry mom, I didn’t have time to change.

  1. Pramila : Mom, Raj has broken my doll.

Mom: How did he do that?

Pramila : I hit him on the head with it.

Mom: !? !? !?

  1. Why are your cl;ass marks so low?

Because I sit in the last desk at the back, Dad.

What difference does that make?

Well there are so many of us in the class t6hat when it’s my turn for marks there aren’t many left.

  1. Mom, will you wash my face?

Why can’t you wash it yourself?

Because4 that’ll mean getting my hand wet, and they don’t need washing!

  1. Nimmy, do you know a girl called Chandini?

‘yes, mom . She sleeps next to me in geography class.

  1. No, Ashok, you can’t play with the hammer, you’ll hurt your fingers.

No,I won’t Dad. Sister is going to hold the nails for me.

  1. My dad hasn’t done a days work since 1990.

Why not?

He is a night-watchman.

  1. Mom, do you think the baby would like some blotting paper to eat?

No, dear, I don’t think he would. Why?

He’s just swallowed a bottle of ink…

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