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Funny story: It was of help, but …

One day a man climbed a tree. After a while, he thought it was not easy to get down from here. He tried very hard to land down, but he could not do anything special. Now he had only one way to jump from the tree but the tree was so tall that he felt that if he tried to jump it could hurt. Seeing no fodder, he sought help from the people passing around, but no one found any way.
The crowd gathered there. Mulla Nasiruddin came out of the crowd and came out and said – Do not panic. I do something. Mulla threw a rope towards that guy and said that tighten the rope tightly in your waist. The people standing below said that this is what happened. In a while, the man tied the rope in his waist. Mulla grabbed the other end of the rope and pulled it. In doing so, the man came down from the tree and fell down from the tree. He was severely hit by falling. People flared over Mullah and said: Stupid man, what did you do?

Mullah said innocently: I have saved the life of a man in the same way before. I have tried this method even earlier, but I can not remember that I had saved him from the well or on the tree?

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Funny story

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Funny story


Funny story

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