Get lost in a land not so far away

Get lost in a land not so far away

Wrapped in the commotion of West Bengal and yet a world in itself, bakkhali is the perfect beach getaway. If your idea of a holiday is to enjoy the nip in the air and draw warmth while drinking a cup of aromatic coffee, we have the ideal destination for you that too within the reach of a comfortable weekend.

Break free from the pollution strangulation of the city. Re-energizing your lungs while meditating by the calmness of the sea. So, you can head to Bakkhali, a small under-explored b each town. Coupled with short visits to nearby Frasergunj and Henry Island, you can be sure of a fun-filled and eventpacked weekend. Your vacation could start right at the moment you choose to travel by road a the drive to Bakkhali from Kolkata is replete with crossing a local river on a barge and meandering through pathways with lush green fields on both sides.

Bakkhali is a part of the famed Sunderban islands, with its clean beaches and picturesque settings. It can turn you into an Instagram sensation while helping you unleash your creativity to compose shots of the seas merging with the sky, of the setting sun and of the fisher-folk hauling their find in the backdrop of waves crashing into the silhouette of their boats. Coming back, you can also boast of the Bakkhali tan!

A part of the Bakkhali tan!

A part of Bakkhali is christened Frasergunj. Today, Frasergunj is known for its pristine white sands and gentle waves. Lapping on the shores with fishing nets is slowly sinking into the surface of the sea. You can also sample the fresh catch of the day. Or embark on an adventure to catch crabs that can turn out to be a tricky affair as they disappear in the blink of an eye.

Are you an adventurous at heart? You can visit the dilapidated residence of sir Andrew Fraser and pay obeisance to the man who discovered the beach. You can also visit the windmill that is the source of green and clean energy powering the nearby households.

The drive to Bakkhali located in the South 24 parganas district is a near five-hour ride. Ensure that your car is in good running condition. And the tank is full as pumps can be difficult to be found. Also, do stock your glove compartment with many munchies for the road. Happy travels!

No matter where she we he was there By MARY A. FISCHER

Get lost far away

Science has contributed a great deal to the civilization of mankind

Get lost far away


Get lost far away

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