Goa Farewell to Flesh


Farewell to Flesh

It’s the only one of its kind in Asia, though Goa’s Carnival has its pale clones. The word Carnival means ‘Farewell to Flesh’. This is, essentially, a Catholic festival offering a brief burst of roistering before the mourning season of Lent begins.

Traditionally, Catholics did not eat meat all through this austere period. And so they opened their larders and invited their relations and friends to help them consume these soon-to-be forbidden foods. Feasting and drinking led to celebrations and soon it became a three-day free-for-all festival for which they even elected a master of ceremonies, a Lord of Misrule: King Momo, in Goa.

The Carnival opens with procession of floats and dancers led by the great float of king Momo. Them, from the steps of a lovely old church, he reads his proclamation, ordering everyone to have a good time and forget their cares and worries. Do take that order as seriously as the Goans do. And do try and attend the famous Black and Red Ball on a cordoned off street.

This will also ensure that you have yourself an unforgettable ball in Goa’s lively Carnival. Not only these, but also the  following……..


POEM-(Save your Goal){The sweet love poem}

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