Where are the gods?

Where are the gods?

Gods whereabouts

As always, a man went to haircut on his hairdresser’s shop. At the time of cutting hair, often used to talk about the world and the world … .today they were talking about cinema, politics, and sports, etc., that suddenly it started talking about the existence of God. The barber said, “Look, brother, I do not believe in the existence of God.”
“Why do you say that?”, The man asked.

“Hey, it’s very easy to understand, just go to the street and you will understand that God is not. Tell me if there were Gods so many people were sick? So many children were orphans? If there were god, then no pain is a problem, “Barber continued to say,” I can not think of such a God who would allow all these things to happen. You tell me where is God? “

Man stopped for a moment, thought something, but the debate did not increase, so it remained silent.

Barber finished his work and the man got out of the shop thinking something, and stood away from some distance. . After waiting for some time, a long bearded person – an older person with a mustache had appeared on that side, seeing him as if he had been bathing for so many days – was not washed.

The man immediately went back to the barber shop and said, “Do not know that barber in this world!”

“How are they not?”, Barber asked, “I am in front of you right now !!” “

“No,” said the man, “they are not, or else there is no long beard – do not have a face but that look is in front of that man’s long bearded face!”

“Oh no, brother-in-law is like a barber, but many people do not come to us.”

The man stopped the barber and said, “This is the thing, God is also, but people do not go near them or try to find them, that is why there is so much suffering in the world.”

Not only this, but also the following…………..

Gods whereabouts


Scientists’ responsibility to society

Gods whereabouts Not only this, but also the following…………..


Gods whereabouts

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