Great Indoors

Great Indoors

Make the most of the seasons and do  up your homes with a range of wallpapers to give it an  exuberant makeover

Certain days in the year give us a feel good vibe and remind us of the yesteryears when life was simpler. Give your homes an exuberant makeover ringing with festive cheer.

When  it comes to giving you homes a new look, nothing can be doing up the wall – with paintings, wall hangings or going the whole way with wallpapers. Around for decades, wallpapers are trending now like never before. While classic vintage designs have always been there, the latest are geometrical deigns and those depicting greenery.

Eco-friendly wallpapers are extremely easy to maintain and safe for children too.

The hottest trend in home décor at present is green wallpaper. Be it leaves or designs of sunflowers and roses. What better way to give your homes a cooler effect than this.

Since it is a dust-free option and comes without chemicals that are an integral component of paints, doctors are recommending it as well. “Earlier, the entire concept of wallpapers being affordable or washable was not there. Today, wallpapers are a vibration since they come in a varied price range and can be easily washed with soap and water. in fact there are men available to go over and do the cleaning.

It I s festive time so go all out with colours, the bright, the better. After all, bright touches and detailing can lend a magical touch to your home. For instance, classic vintage wallpapers with floral or ornamental motif in bright, red or blue will easily add festive glamour. Also  available in the market are wallpapers that have a real brick wall look and feel as well.

On a slightly different not, you could also change the look of your room with three basic things-curtains, cushion covers and bed covers (in your bedroom, that is). Soothing colours and prints have the power to not only give a serene look to your room but also calm your mind. Cushion covers are being used for decorative purpose than comfort today so you can easily glam it up with handwork o mirror-work, h adds.

Another way of doing up you walls could be going arty. Yes, large scale wall art brightens up a place immediately. A big dramatic painting works like a magic wand that can transform the very look of any  room. Large mirrors or paintings to show it off are other good choice.

Focus on one corner. Display all the art pieces. Which you may have collected round the year, in a particular corner and light it up with brass lamps will amplify the glow and create the perfect setting  for you.

A few tips:

Wallpapering needs expertise, so it is best to get a professional to do the job

Wallpapers will get dirty over a period of time, so take extra care to clean  it before  it looks sliled.

Finally, there are no rules. Everyone should have fun doing up the walls according to their personal sense of style.


Great Indoors

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Great Indoors

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Great Indoors

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