Muhammad Mohsin was born at Hooghly in Bengal in 1732. He came of a respectable Persain family who made Hooghly their permanent home. His father Haji Faizulla was a rich marchant of the town. Mohsin had a sister Manno Jan Khatun by name. she was very wealthy. She loved Mohsin dearly and engaged a pious Moulavi to educate him. the Moulavi gave him an excellent education and moulded his character. Mohsin’s thirst for learning increased. He studied Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit at Murshidabad.

After the completion of his studies Mohsin set our on an extensive tour and visited Kabul, Turkey, Egypt and Arabia. He went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, the sacred place of the Muhammedans and got the title of ‘haji’. On his return from Mocca, Mohsin began to do many pious and charitable works.

After the death of Manno Jan, Mohsin became the owner of her property. But he never hankered after wealth. He did not marry and led a simple and holy life. Hw was a true Muslim and faithful to the teachings of the Prophet. He looked upon his wealth as a trust fund for the benefit of the poor. He helped many poor people with money.

Haji Muhammad Mohsin died in 1812 at the age of eighty. Before his death he made a trust of his property for the education of poor Muslim students and for other charitable purposes. Even today many poor Muslim students get stipends from the ‘Mohsin Fund’ for the pursuit of their studies.

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