I eat iron!

I eat iron!

hindi folk story

It was once a matter of two people, whose name was Mama and Fuafa. Both Mama and Fuafa used to trade and both were involved in trade. Mama said to Fuafa, “Why do not we buy any such thing which will not be bad quickly and its price keeps rising; Then we sell it after a few years so that it gets more than its principal. “

Fufa said, “Okay uncle, your thing is right, but what do we buy?”

They decided to buy royalties and buy iron. The two bought iron by adding equal money. Fuafa told Mama that he should put the iron in somewhere safe place.

Mama kept the iron in her old closet.

For a few days, the iron was kept in shape but slowly the greed came into the mind of the maternal uncle and Mama started selling Fuhaa without telling the iron.

After a long time, Fuwa went to Mama and said, “Mama today has a lot of iron value, quickly get rid of it, we sell it.”

The maternal uncle said, ” Fufa iron is no longer in the junk house, because iron has eaten a weevil.”

Foofa understood that Mama has cheated her. And sold the whole iron without telling it to him. Fuafa had a lot of anger but he went without saying anything –

A few days after this incident, Fufus came to the maternal uncle and said, “Mama, I am going to a procession, there is a good arrangement, I am alone, if you want to send your boy along, he will also be happy and by tomorrow morning we will Come back too. “

Mama said, “Why not, of course you take my boy with you. And yes, feed it well in the procession. “

Faufa said, “It is also a thing to say, Mama, you rest.” Two days passed like this. Mama’s boy has not returned home yet. Mama was very worried that her boy has not returned home yet?

He went to Fufa to find out about his boy and said, “Where is my boy? Why has not she returned home yet? “

Fuafa said, “Tell me, uncle, an eagle on the way lifted your boy.”

Mama said, “How can it be, can anybody pick up a 12-year-old boy from the eagle? Straighten my boy back to me, otherwise I will go to King Bhim. “

Fuafa said, “Okay mama, let’s go to Raja, now they will do the same justice.”

The matter was presented before Raja Bhim there.

Raja Bhim heard all the talk and said with surprise, “Look, you are lying, you can pick up a 12-year-old boy and take him to his sky in his paws.”

Fuafa replied,

 “Tell the story story, listen to King Bhim.

Eat iron to rub, then the boy took the eagle. “

King Bhima understood everything on this and he ordered Mama to return the iron of the Fuha. And told Fuafa that he would bring the boy back to Mama.

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hindi folk story


hindi folk story

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