The season of spring gives way to the reign of the hot sun. One would already be turning on the air-conditioners to beat the heat. We loathe the scorching summers. Because, it brings with it the long summer break for the kids. It means vacations (yay!). So if you are thinking of taking that long-awaited holiday near the serene hills or the pristine beaches. Now is also the ideal time to start planning.

 The essential 3ps of travel – planning, planning, planning

  Savvy travelers understand that booking a holiday well in advance is the key to bagging a bargain break. Just like the adage of the early bird catching the juiciest worm, planning early can help you save double-delight.

Percentage discounts. Even a 25% saving on  a 1-lakh-rupe holiday can save you a cool 25,000 rupees. It also can easily become a part of your next holiday fund! And the travel circles really woo women holiday planners by offering  credit in the way of in-resort spending – spa and other therapies. For family travelers, free child passes for early booking are an incentive one cannot scoff at, especially if a family is travelling with more than one child.

For inspiration

Have cool, will travel. Does that sound like you? Well then, you don’t need to look further than browse through online portals to look further than browse through online portals to take inspiration from some  outstanding movies centered around travel. The excellent coming-of-age bollywood blockbuster, Zindagi Na Milegi dobara, should provide you with enough enthusiasm to undertake an ‘experiential’ holiday, a concept that has become a rage today. One can form an all-women ‘group, set the compass and start-off, for what better way to unwind than to go on a vaction with a group of like-minded friends? For sure, the memories of the trip are going to stay with you for a long time! The other must-watch travel movie should be the Gregory Peck-Audrey Hepburn-starrer, Roman Holiday. For the single woman, wouldn’t it be fairy tale-like to meet the love of your life on one of your travels? Exciting, isn’t it!

No settling  for second best!

When you turn up at a party late, you know what it’s like: a few lukewarm sausage rolls and some frizzy sandwiches on the buffet table. It will help if you view the holiday market in the same way: arrive early and every available option is laid out before you. Be it taking a bite out of the Big Apple, or tickling your taste buds with tapas in spain, or maybe travelling to Japan to wintess the Sakura eherry blossoms or even visiting Tuscany for a cooking experience with a master chef (yes I know, few women would want to pass up that opportunity!), whatever kind of holiday you want, by booking early you have the best chance to travel on the dates you want, to go exactly where your heart desires and to stay in the hotel that ticks all the boxes.

Smile, you’re facing the camera!

Even the camera-makers are peddling their phones as being the most ‘selfie-worthy’.

Incidentally, the bragging rights of travel paired with high social media visibility have together resulted in the emergence of the new ‘protagonist’, traveler. ‘selfie-travel’ is taking high precedence, especially among women, who are bold (and quick) to share their quirky, non-standard experiences that form part of Instagram/Facebook Live, GoPro and even YouTube clips. With this, it is crucial that you look good to feel even better. So, much before you board that flight, it would do you a world of good to exercise, start that marathon run, perfect some yoga asanas, go for a complete health check-up and even visit your dentist for a charming dental floss. Smile, you’re facing the camera!

The emergence of ‘pester power’

Increasingly, the child is emerging as India’s power-packed new d ecision-maker. The combined force of peer pressure and pester power is becoming an influential driver  in holiday decisions in the family. While children are the most excited lot, it is essential to keep them engaged that will ensure a relaxed time for fostering family bonding during holidays. Learn the new car games for short trips and you better master it fast.

The must-pack items

Despite the often-heard caution that one should travel light, here are the must-pack items that women should carry wherever they are going. These are not only handy; they should make a fun style statement too. So here goes: sunglasses, sunblock, lip tint, mobile charger, cool (but comfortable) sneakers, denim/leather jacket, bikini and even a hot evening dress (do you get the opportunity to dress that way every day?).

So, whatever your bucket list maybe, we encourage you to just plan, pack and proceed.

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